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my opnion
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wrong leadership ?

Great leaders built Pakistan; unfortunately that leadership is gone and very rare of that leadership is left in this country, which is why we are still on worlds map, our nations father did not get us a independent country to just live there and count our days to be over, but to built a great nation so the world would be proud of, there is nothing wrong with Pakistan or Pakistani people, there is a problem with leaders of the country, who are only few percent of the population and holding their seats from generations,




Second largest problem of Pakistan is iliteracy; our population is only 26 percent educated, now what good is it   going to do if our educated part of community dont get what they deserve, they dont get an opportunity to run the country, its often big shots friends or family who is running the system, we must pay attention to our future generations to make sure they have everything available other world's kids have, not to deprive them from anything that can make them to built better Pakistan.


Defense spending:

Our countrys most of budget is going to our defense, Pakistan army is a great army in the world but we have to be reasonable, we must negotiate with our neighbors and be broad minded and give up our pride and embrace diplomacy, even our great religion teaches us that, we must spend most of our budget on creating jobs for the country and building new high tech educational institutes, computers, and everything possibly we can get, I think the best defense for our country is to have educated society.


Pakistani talent utilized overseas:


Now take an example, people who leave Pakistan for better opportunity they are not stupid or dump, number one is they did not get an opportunity in their country so they decided to leave and take their chances, they step on foreign land and they are ready to face new culture, new people, new opportunity, new rules, new obstacles,  and start from scratch, working , studying, taking care of family, facing problems, and one day they are all set, blended in Western culture, and created new space in society, its not easy to explain in few words, its a whole new experience that you can only feel it when you go though it, now tell me why this person would like to leave his/her land and family and friends, and everything he/she belongs, why? .i think that is what we need to answer, we must provide an opportunity to everyone no matter how much education they have, we should create more jobs to make every body work, and that will bring revenue up, and we all will be happy, the problem is we must spend everything we get for our nation instead of buying assets for ourselves(leaders), should be spending on public welfare, not personal, the money government gets where does it go,  I have not seen not even one report showing and completing a public welfare project.

All I am saying we need new and educated leaders, fairness, justice, and honesty in Pakistan, that is what Pakistan suppose to be. president Pervez Musharaf is taking right steps but I have not seen anything spending on education practically.


Pakistan In eyes of others


Pakistan is a great nation and Pakistanis are great talented people, I have seen several Pakistani brothers and sisters working all kind of jobs, from gas station, driving taxi, medical doctors at the hospital, business owners, just to make better living, I have met few doctors, and lawyers who graduated from Pakistan and came to Canada, and started to drive taxi, I asked them why would you drive a taxi since you are a doc or a lawyer, answer was I could not get my doctors job because I have to do a upgrade to reach Canadian standards, now I admire their courage and hard work, no job is a bad job, even Islam teaches us, if same person was in Pakistan people will laugh at them and make fun, that is one problem of our rest of narrow minded society,

Since 911 any body brown is a bad person, even though from those bad guys not one of them was a Pakistani, but back lashing all over the world, we have to prove it to the world that we are not bad people, we are like rest of the world, peaceful people.

People treat Pakistani with bad attitude not all of them but some of them, now why would we face these problems if we did not leave our country, and who is responsible, I think all of our Mullahs are taking religion too far, but not doing anything for their Muslim brothers or sisters only talks no action,

Pakistan is helping in all the mess is going on right now, I think we are doing right because Pakistan was almost to become Afghanistan, thank God to Parvez Musharafs leadership, he kept us safe .



I hope I did not hurt anyones feelings, if I did I am sorry, and hey after all I have full right to speak freely.

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